Cast vs. Handmade Jewelry

 Cast jewelry is a process that uses several different steps in order to create a design through wax carving or 3D printing. At Medicine Bear Arts we first engrave the designs into silver. The piece is than sent to a casting house were they go through many different steps to produce the finished product.

 At Medicine Bear Arts our handmade pieces of jewelry are created by taking a piece of metal and engraving the design all by hand. Than shaping the piece using different techniques such as hammering, bending soldering, etc. Than we do a final polish and inspection on the piece to be sure there are know flaws.

 One of the major differences between the 2 techniques is cast pieces will not always be perfect. During the lost wax casting process there is minor pitting and blemishes on some of the pieces. Where as with handmade pieces you have more control over the finish and overall out come of the piece.

 There is also a price difference when it comes to hand made jewelry and cast pieces.

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