The Story Of Ammolite

About Our Ammolite Gems

 Our ammolite comes from the Bears Paw belt which is located in South Western Alberta, Canada in the traditional Territory of the Black Foot First Nations Peoples.
 This is one of the only places on earth with ammolite that comes in this wide of an array of colors. The free form ammolite we work with is stabilized so they can accept a full polish. The free forms are backed using pieces of fossils. For the cabochons a quartz crystal protects the matrix and basalt is used which is a very hard material for the backing. This process makes for a more durable stone. None of the stones have been resin coated.
 The unique and spectacular colors and patterns as well as the free form shapes make for eye catching beautiful jewelry designs. They are all very unique there is no two pieces the same. 
 We will work very closely with our clients on custom jewelry pieces from color and shape preference . To the creation and design of your custom piece of jewelry. 

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 Spiritual Meaning For the Blackfoot People

The traditional Blackfoot territory stretches from the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains, in what is now present-day Alberta in Canada and Montana. Long before Ammolite became a gemstone, it was known to the Blackfoot tribes of Turtle Island (aka: North America) as 'Iniskim' which translates to the Buffalo Stone. It was believed to have the power to attract buffalo during hunting.

 There is a legend that tells of a period of time were buffalo were no were to be found, and the onset of winter was approaching fast. The people were worried about starvation. One of the woman had a dream about the gemstone that would draw the buffalo to the area.The next day she was collecting firewood when she heard a song coming from a cave. She entered the cave and found a rainbow colored stone which she took back to her village. Not long after a herd of buffalo showed up to feed. The hunters were able to get the buffalo for the people to make it through the harsh winter.

Since then the stone has been regarded as a powerful amulet, to provide all the needs for life and to bring good luck to people.

 How Ammolite Was Formed

 Ammolite is a very unique gemstone with an amazing story of its creation. Oceans through out the world, 100’s of millions of years ago had special creatures called ammonites. Which is a squid or octopus type creature, with a spiral shell.

 About 70 million years ago, there was a huge ocean to the east of the Rocky Mountains of Turtle Island.  This ocean was located in the traditional Territory of the Siksika (aka: Blackfoot Nation).

 Ammonites were in the same mass extinction as the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. The ammonites sank to the bottom of this ocean. They were covered in silt which flowed off the mountains into the sea. Than the combination of heat, pressure of the earth and millions of years, caused the ammonite’s to turn into fossils. From this process some of the shells become iridescent with a wide range of colors.

 Today ammolite is some of the most sought after gems on the planet. They are found in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana and Utah in the Bear Paw formation. Of course most of the fossils today are small fragments of shell. The full size gem quality fossils are very rare. Ammolite is one of only three gemstones in the last 300 years to be recognized by the World Jewellery Confederation as a true gem.

 Buying Ammolite today is a worth while investment. They are one of the rarest gemstones on the planet and have increased by 300% value in the last 10 years. Like tanzanite it will be gone in one generation.

Ammolite and the Chakras

 Chakras are the energy centers in your body also known as Qi or Prana. There are seven throughout the body each effecting a particular physical, emotional or mental state and each is represented by a color. The seven chakras are as follows, Crown connected to the color purple, Third Eye (indigo), Throat (blue), Heart (green), Solar Plexus (yellow), Sacred (orange) and Root (red).

Ammolite has been called the "Seven Color Prosperity Stone" because this gemstone has all seven colors of the chakras.

It can influence them all in a positive way. If a particular color is dominant within your ammolite gem it will influence that particular chakra more than the others

Red = love
Orange = creativity
Yellow = prosperity
Green = knowledge
Blue = good health
Indigo = peace
Violet = growth and energy

     Environmental Impact From Mining

    When mining is finished the areas are returned to their natural state. Every layer of land replaced in order, trees and bushes planted, grass lands reseeded. You would never know the area was mined. We wish every gemstone mine treated Mother Earth in such an environmentally sound way.

     Some Fun Facts About Ammolite

     In India, ammonite fossils are identified with the god Vishnu. They are used in traditional ceremonies and mostly collected in Nepal, from the River Gandaki. This is an area known for dinosaur fossils

     It is believed that the original discus used by the ancient Greeks in their Olympics was in fact a fossilized ammonite.

     The name ammonite is derived from the Egyptian God Ammon who believe the ammonite creatures to be divine. Ammon is represented in Egyptian text by the head of a ram. The spiral rams horns are reminiscent of the ammonites spiraled shells. This is were the name ammonite came from.