Jewelry Aftercare

 At Medicine Bear Arts we pride our selves on quality and craftsmanship. Our fine jewelry line is a precious possession that is designed and crafted to last a life time and generations to come. Proper care is very important, below is a basic jewelry care guide to follow. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to email us.

Basic Jewelry Care

All fine jewelry needs proper attention and care. While certain pieces may need special attention such as ammolite, opals, pearls and other organic gem stones. But for the most part jewelry should be cared for using the following instructions:

Fine Sterling Silver

By wearing your jewelry on a regular basis you can avoid tarnish. The oils from your skin help to keep the silver looking shiny. But sterling silver will tarnish from exposure to lotions, direct sunlight, soap, detergents, perfume, contact with household chemicals, salt water, chlorine in swimming pools and even perspiration if your body if you ph balance is off. It is recommended to take your jewelry off when using any form of chemicals from the above list because gemstone settings do get clogged.

  • When polishing silver use a non abrasive cloth with silver cleaning solution.
  • Please note that pearls, ammolite and opals should be stored in fabric instead of plastic being organic material they like to "breathe".

The Following will help to assure your fine jewelry will retain its beauty for your lifetime and future generations to come

  • Examine your jewelry routinely to be sure settings and clasps are secure.
  • It is vitally important to be sure your jewelry is properly sized.
  • Gold cleaners should be used only for gold and silver cleaners only for silver.
  • Avoid storing or wearing your gemstones, ammolite and pearls that receive extended exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoid storing and wearing your silver jewelry in salty air.
  • Always use appropriate cleaning cloth to clean pearls or jewelry. Avoid paper towel.
  • Avoid home ultrasonic cleaners unless you are positive that it is appropriate for your Jewelry.
  • Never put organic gems in the ultrasonic.

 Remove jewelry when

  • Lifting weights, shoveling, working with tools, etc.
  • Cleaning the house while using harsh chemicals.
  • Painting or refinishing furniture.
  • Applying cosmetics such as lotion or perfume.
  • Doing laundry, washing hands, bathing etc.
  • Experiencing extreme cold, heat changes.


  •  Store your jewelry in a container to prevent pieces from moving around and hitting each other.
  • Keep your jewelry in a box that is fabric lined with compartments and dividers.
  • If you prefer to use an ordinary boxes, use a soft cloth to wrap each piece.
  • We recommend you store your jewelry in a secure, dry and cool location.

 Ammolite After Care

  • Do not put ammolite in ultra sonic cleaners or Immerse in water for long periods.
  • Do not subject ammolite to extreme heat.
  • Treat ammolite as you would Opals or fine pearls.
  • When storing your ammolite jewelry care should be taken. They should be stored separate from other pieces of jewelry in a cloth bag or a box for extra protection.


If you have more questions, please click here to reach us.