Organization Gifting & Logos

Medicine Bear Arts has proudly engaged with First Nations organizations for over a decade, fostering a deep understanding of their cultural needs. We extend a heartfelt invitation to organizations to explore the opportunity of acquiring our unique pieces. These pieces are perfect for gifting to elders, dignitaries, community members, or for crafting commemorative anniversary pieces. We are available for one time projects, as well as ongoing partnerships. 

We have had the privilege of collaborating with multiple organizations over the years. Should your organization seek to enlist the creative prowess of Medicine Bear Arts for the design and crafting of logos or jewelry pieces, we are delighted to oblige. Your logo can be meticulously handcrafted, capturing the essence of your identity, and subsequently replicated.

Medicine Bear Arts also has access to advanced digital imaging techniques to produce exact replicas, which can then be transformed into a stunning 3D-printed design. We are able to infuse colors that resonate with your organization's logo if you choose, and collaborate closely with a seasoned jewelry manufacturing company, renowned within the industry.

We have been honored to receive projects such as an invitation from a First Nations organization, entrusting us with the creation of anniversary pieces that celebrated their journey. We have created silver medallion lapels to celebrate 5 and 10 year work anniversaries, and look forward to the many  new opportunities to create new unique pieces in the future.

Recognizing the significance of bulk orders, we extend discounted pricing, accompanied by our commitment to working intimately with you, ensuring your envisioned masterpiece comes to life. To delve into further details, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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