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Medicine Bear Arts

Medicine Wheel Gathering with Inlay

Medicine Wheel Gathering with Inlay

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Design: Medicine Wheel Gathering

 In some Turtle Island prophecies as well as other tribes on Mother Earth. They talk about the time we are in right now and how mankind has become so destructive in their ways of living. They have lost touch with the original earth-based teachings.

 Please Choose Stone and Size Available Stones Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, Moon Stone, Labradorite, Amethyst.

On this ring, Jadeon carved a human holding his hand up to honor the spirit of the eagle. Also in our culture, we ask the eagle to carry our prayers up to the creator. The human is praying for the people of the earth to gather and to remember the old earth-based teaching and once again complete the Medicine Wheel.

 The Medicine Wheel found in tribes all across the planet represents the 4 races of Mother Earth. The Yellow, Black, White, And Red peoples. In these prophecies, it says we must come back together breaking down religious barriers and borders to complete the Medicine Wheel. So we can once again work in unison to heal our Mother Earth from our destructive practices.

Sterling Silver Solid Band with a variety of Inlays available onyx, labradorite, garnet, amethyst, and moonstone

Rings Sizes Range from 5 -11

Inscription: Family Connection

Hallmarked .925 Artists Initials

Method: Lost Wax Casting

Year Original Was Created: 2020

Each Piece Of Jewelry Comes With A Custom Gift Box

For custom work please contact for more information

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