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Medicine Bear Arts

Orca Wrap Ring

Orca Wrap Ring

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Design: There is a Wolf and a Blackfish AKA: Orca. The connection between the two animals shows the same trait. Very family orientated hunt in a pack, and mate for life. the Blackfish is known as the wolf of the sea. There is also a human carved on the ring to remind us that we are all connected to every creature on Mother Earth. Also if we were to model these animal traits in our lives our family's bonds would be much stronger.

Sterling Silver Wrap Ring

Rings Sizes Range from 5 -11.5

Inscription: Orca/Wolf

Hallmarked .925 Artists Initials

Method: Lost Wax Casting

Year Original Was Created: 2020

Each Piece Of Jewelry Comes With A Custom Gift Box

For custom work please contact for more information


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