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Medicine Bear Arts

Connection To Star Nation

Connection To Star Nation

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Legends on Turtle Island talk about Star Beings and how they are our relatives. There are also stories told that we come from another star system. These stories are told by ancient civilizations around the globe. There are also depictions in different cultural artwork, tablets, and cave paintings of star beings visiting us.

This design on this piece of jewelry is a Thunderbird representing the supernatural. The bear representing the four-legged. The butterfly representing the winged ones. The flowers represent Mother Earth 

The U.F.O. has a star nation is peaking out of the window, coming out of the clouds/lightning bolts.

Many believe in this theory, that when the ancients did not know how to describe what they were seeing. Such as a flying dragon with fire coming from its mouth. Or a Thunderbird clapping its wings, making loud thundering noise and lighting coming from under its wings.  What they were actually seeing was a U.F.O.

The stone is a beautiful piece of Blue/Green Ammolite. It has a hidden bail and obsidian bead necklace. The necklace is fastened with a beautiful silver S clasp.

Material: Silver, Ammolite, and Obsidian Beads

Inscription on the back: Connection To Star Nation

Hallmark .925 with Artists initials

Silver Carved area: 3in. diameter

Ammolite Inlay: 2in x 1in

Color of Stone: Blue and Green

Method: Hand Carved 

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