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Medicine Bear Arts

Connection To The Winged Ones

Connection To The Winged Ones

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Design: Wolf And Eagle

Connection to the winged ones represents that all animals and humans are connected. The Wolf represents family; they mate for life, live in a pack, and are one of the most intelligent in the animal kingdom. The Eagle to the First Peoples of the Americas is very significant because the eagle flies close to the heavens. The eagle represents unity and freedom.

Hidden Bail Pendant with Ammolite Inlay 15mm x 20 mm 

Ammolite Colors: Red and Green

Size: 1.5 in. across 2.25 in. height 

Material: Sterling Silver

Hallmarked .925 and signature on the back 

Inscription: Connection To The Winged Ones

Sterling Silver Chain Included Please Specify Size In Inches

Method: hand carved

Each Piece Of Jewelry Comes With A Custom Gift Box

For custom work, please contact us for more information.

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