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Medicine Bear Arts

Honoring The Eagle Spirit

Honoring The Eagle Spirit

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Design: Eagle and Human

As humans, most people have forgotten their connection to animals. In this piece, there is a human staring at the Eagle honoring but also a strong connection.

 The Eagle in my culture passes our prayers to the Thunderbird, who then gives the prayer to the creator. The Eagle represents wisdom, grace, intelligence, and unity. We use Eagle feathers in many of our ceremonies and to be gifted one is a high honor. 

Material: Sterling Silver

Hallmarked .925 and signature on the back 

Studded earring with hidden bail with labradorite inlay

Amethyst Inlays

Size: 1 3/4 inch X 1 inch

Method: Hand Carved/engineered 

Each Piece Of Jewelry Comes With A Custom Gift Box

For custom work, don't hesitate to get in touch with me for more information

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